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Democracy is a constant challenge for all of us. Civic education provides us with an attitude, knowledge and skills to meet this challenge.

Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant and strong democracy in Switzerland, in Europe and beyond.

Civic education

We understand civic education as education that has democracy as its theme and lives up to democratic values and principles.


Democratic values, Swiss democracy, innovative methods such as game-based learning, and current concepts such as the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference form our focus.

2021 DemBau IMG 0158

Demokrative is committed to action-oriented, scientifically based and democratic political education and thus contributes to the strengthening of our democracy.


The most important result of the international cooperation project is the Democracy Game Box with eight digital and analog educational games.

Peer Processes

Practitioners analyze the practical teaching of democracy skills together with peers from the DACH region.

Building blocks of democracy

A concept and concrete guided modules for dealing with democratic principles and (value) controversies.

Latest News

  • The Demogames Facilitator's Manual is published!

    We are happy to announce that as of now, the Faciliator's Manual of our project DEMOGAMES is available to download!

    The Facilitator’s manual is directed at practitioners in democracy education, and particularly targeted at facilitators. It provides the reader with background information, practical advice, and examples of how to use the games in the Democracy game box.

    Download here: [Link]