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Here we inform about our projects and activities.

Building blocks of democracy

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Building blocks of democracy (German: Demokratiebausteine) are instructor-led learning modules in which young people deal interactively with fundamental values and conflicting goals in democracy. Sabine Jenni and Rebecca Welge jointly initiated the project.

Since 2017, the Demokrative has made it possible to offer  building block modules about participation rights in grammar schools and vocational schools in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (level Sek II in Switzerland's educational system).

In the 2017/18 and 2018/19 school years, the project was supported financially by the foundation éducation21. A continuation is planned and depends on further funding.

More information about the building blocks of democracy at (in German).



Democracy-Games – the research topic democracy in educational games

DemGameCards Democracy Games create an experiential learning environment, which motivates to deal with core elements of democracy and its conflicting aspects. In the project 'Board Game based Teaching' the project team started to develop prototypes for democracy games. Based on an application-oriented study of democracy theories, ideas for educational games were developed (by adapting existing games or initiating new developments). Demokrative supports the further development of educational games on the topic of democracy for non-academic target groups.

In a subproject, we create a prototype for an analogue democracy game based on insights from the Democracy Barometer. The project leaders are Saskia Ruth-Lovell, Rebecca Welge, and Robert Lovell. After completion, the game documents including rules will be available as online print & play templates. In addition, a short handout with recommendations on how the prototype can best be embedded in teaching formats will be published online.
The creation of the democracy game is financially supported by the Center for Democracy in Aarau. The project is also supported by the Research Center for Democratic Innovations of the Goethe-University Frankfurt.

At the DARE Annual Meeting 2018, Robert Lovell, representing our association, presented a prototype for a more complex game.
This game prototype includes both a cooperative element, in which the players jointly want to secure democracy, and a competitive element, according to which each player compete in strengthening different aspects of democracy (e.g. participation, rule of law).


Using board game development in teaching

Handreichung SpielentwicklungDemokrative was a partner in the project 'Board Game based Teaching –Educational Games on Democracy' (German: Brettspiele in der Lehre - Das Forschungsthema Demokratie als Bildungsspiel), project period 2016-2018, and aims at further developing game-based tools to teach about democracy and to make these tools accessible for non-academic target groups. Please open the video link (video language is German) to gain project insights.

The project resulted in a final publication on game development as a teaching tool; the hands-on publication provides examples on the use of the tool to allow teachers from different fields and disciplines to apply the tool themselves (Spielentwicklung als Lehrkonzept. Eine Handreichung mit forschungsbasierten Beispielen zum Thema 'Demokratie', authors: Rebecca Welge, Saskia Ruth, Robert A. Lovell). If you are interested in a copy of the handout or further project information, please contact us. The project was finacially supported by the competitive Lehrkredit (teaching fund) 2016 of the University of Zurich with a focus on academic target groups; currently we are looking for funding for the transfer to non-academic target groups.



Network of out-of-school actors in the realm of ESD

The Demokrative has been a member of the network of out-of-school actors in the realm of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD; German: Netzwerk BNE Ausserschulischer Akteure) since 2017. This network brings together out-of-school actors who offer educational formats in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), which comprises topics like politics, democracy and human rights. It is coordinated by the foundation éducation21.

Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network

The Demokrative has been a member of the Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (DARE) Network since 2018. DARE is a Europe-wide network that aims to promote education for democratic citizenship and human rights. The network currently consists of member organisations from 24 countries in Europe.

The DARE General Assembly 2018 took place during the conference in Nafplio (GRE) on 12-15 June. Robert Lovell attended the event as a representative of Demokrative, to read his report (in German) of the meeting follow the link.


New association projects must meet the following criteria to be considered: consistency with the aims of the association and its statutes & approval by the board of the association.