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20200215 ZurichProjectmeeting webThe second meeting of the DEMOGAMES project took place in Zurich on 14-15 February. At the invitation of Demokrative, representatives of the five partner organisations met to plan the development of educational games on the topic of democracy. In the run-up we had collected game sketches and evaluated them according to various criteria. In Zurich, we deepened the discussion based on inputs and discussions on topics such as game mechanisms, understanding of democracy and learning goals. We set ourselves the ambitious goal that the games should work well and promote competences for a democratic culture, which are described in the Council of Europe's reference framework.

Various international teams are now working on the further development of individual game ideas. The first prototypes are to be tested as early as autumn,
co funded Erasmuswhen the next project meeting and a workshop for young people on the topics of teaching democracy and game development is on the agenda, this time in Spain. Call for application for participation in the workshop will follow on this page.